SMS Alert Device

Weight data, being very critical for your operation and revenue, it is very important that you have access to the weigh bridge data and other parameters, as and when you require. It is practically not possible for you to visit the weigh bridge every day, compromising time required for other important job functions.

It has now been made possible, that you can log on to the system, from anywhere in the world and see your weigh bridge reports and summaries, as you wish, at any interval. Even if you have multiple weigh bridges, you can log on to each of them separately and view, store or print the reports. The system works on a zero error transmission module and is on a very secure and sterile environment. It reports to you, of the entire material movement, from and to your plant.

Programmable instant SMS Alert on every weighment

Configurable message Content upto 145 characters

Standard GSM SIM can be used

LED based indication for presence of “Network” or “No Network” Signal

SMS Field Content can be chosen based on customer’s requirements

Weighing Data can be sent to central processing server

Receiving and reporting server on Java platform

Cloud Server or Virtual Private server support

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